Thursday, October 28, 2010




• The process of liberalization of the Indian economy is
rapidly progressing and it is expected to gather further
momentum in the coming years
• The demand for electricity is growing at a much faster rate
than the generation and supply of electricity
• The shortage of electric power will have cascading effect on industrial production & economic development .The shortage of power can be met by addition to existing generation capacities & by more efficient utilization of existing capacities.
• Because of severe resource constraints investment in new generation capacity is limited & again ,the additional generation capacity would be available after a long gestation period .In this context it is essential that the maximum should be achieved out of the existing capacity & that we have to go for optimum investment.
• Energy audit & conservation of exiting energy & its its optimum use is must in a country like India
• The paper contains CASE STUDY on Energy conservation in Indian power system by using high efficiency transformer (Amorphous core transformer). Secondly brief details of energy audit of an industry .
• It elaborates details on various methods for saving energy .
• Planning for energy audit & conservation.
• Electrical energy conservation : Approach to the future

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