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Innovative thinking leads to development of new technologies. Today, the world is facing serious pollution crisis due to the exhaust gases from vehicles using petroleum-based fuel. The pollutants like HC, NOx occurs due to the incomplete combustion of fuel. These pollutants are very harmful to human being causing various diseases. Also the fuel recourses are depleting rapidly.

To counter this problem the only solution is to burn the fuel completely inside the combustion chamber, which can be obtained by proper mixing of air and fuel before the power stroke. This introduces the concept of GREEN ENGINE.

This paper includes introduction to Green Engine, technical features, working and comparison with the conventional internal combustion. engine, also its Pros and Cons with future applications.

This is six phase I.C. engine in which the priority is given to the proper mixing of fuel with the air thereby causing its complete combustion. Due to six phases of working, air-fuel mixing process and constant volume combustion with controllable time is achieved. So the Green Engine becomes the only real multi-fuel engine on our planet that is any liquid or gaseous fuel can be used. Therefore this also helps to overcome fuel-crisis.

“GREEN ENGINE” will bring new revolution in the field of engine technology.

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