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International Conference on Power Systems Operation & Control

International Conference on Power Systems Operation & Control (20th-22nd December, 2010), At Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College Ludhiana, Punjab

About the conference:

The world is faced with challenges of depleting resources and increasing demands of power. Although efforts have been made to add and explore new sources of power but the effects associated with the capacity addition have posed challenge to the researchers and academicians.
The increasing green house gases, global warming due to emissions, deforestation and inundation of land due to hydel projects have all put dampers on addition of capacity. Hence, there is a need to think and re-plan the strategy so as to meet the ever growing demand for energy.
The conference aims to provide a platform to all concerned with the energy production and utilization to ponder over the burgeoning problem. Special sessions and talks are planned to provide an insight into what could be the solution to the challenges being faced

Conference Themes:

The major themes of the conference shall be recent advances in:
• Power System Operation & Control
• Energy Efficient Technologies
• Power System Optimization
• Power Electronics
• Electrical Machines
• Application of computer in Power System

Important Dates (Deadlines):

Abstract Submission: September 15,2010
Abstract Acceptance Notification: September 30,2010
Full paper Submission: October 20 ,2010
Acceptance Notification: November 10,2010
Registration ends: November 22,2010

Registration Fees:

Indian Residents
Research Scholars/Students: Rs.2500/-
Academia: Rs.3000/-
Industry Sponsored: Rs.3500/-
Foreign Delegates: US $100

The conference fee covers registration, conference kit and conference dinner.
Fees to be paid by Demand Draft in name of Convener, ICOPS’10 payable at Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Dr.(Prof.) Y.S. Brar

Prof. Arvind Dhingra

Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Gill Road,

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International Conference on Computational Intelligence

International Conference on Computational Intelligence At G R Govindarajulu School of Applied Computer Technology
P S G R Krishnammal College for Women Peelamedu, Coimbatore - 641 004.


To provide a challenging forum for international community of researchers, engineers, academicians and industrial professionals to exhibit their research results and to discuss the issues and developments in the cutting edge technologies of Computational Intelligence and its applications in Science, Technology and Business. This conference provides vibrant opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas, application experiences, the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted, and to establish business or research relations thereby enabling to find global partners for future collaboration.


Computational Intelligence is a well established paradigm devoted to solution of non-algoritmizable problems related to perception and control, or lower cognitive functions. Computational Intelligence is a heterogeneous field of computer science that deals with theory, design, application and development of biologically and linguistically motivated computational models emphasizing prime technologies like neural networks, fuzzy systems, evolutionary computation, probabilistic reasoning, swarm intelligence, and machine learning.

Computational Intelligence research does not reject conventional statistical methods, but often gives a complementary view. According to scientific convention, Computational Intelligence is a computational part of Artificial Intelligence and comprises a number of techniques and methods that share the property of being non-symbolic, operating in a bottom-up fashion where structure usually emerges from an unstructured environment.

Computational Intelligence theories and methodologies are being extensively applied in solving complex and changing real-world applications in science, technology and business. Some examples are aerospace applications, computational finance and economics, data mining, automotive applications, software engineering, health care, virtual reality, intelligent control and factory automation, speech and vision processing, telecommunications, business intelligence, bioinformatics, biometrics, intelligent measuring systems, and homeland security. Empirical results reveal that the intelligent systems are highly efficient and could significantly reduce computational complexities.
Today’s demand for expertise in Computational Intelligence far exceeds supply and this imbalance will become more acute in the future. Hence, there is an urgent need for a new generation of computational intelligent techniques and tools to solve real-world problems that are ill-defined and difficult to model. Bringing together diverse expertise and experience to foster new research perspectives in the broad field of Computational intelligence is inevitable.

Call For Papers:

Authors are invited to submit original papers that contain significant research results, development work and innovative practices including theories, methodologies and applications in science, technology and business related to the conference theme
An indicative list of topics is given below:

Computational Intelligence – Theories and Methodologies:

* Artificial Intelligence
* Neural Networks
* Evolutionary Learning & Genetic Algorithms
* Granular computing & Rough sets
* Fuzzy Theory and Models
* Fuzzy Systems and Soft Computing
* Particle Swarm Optimization and Niche Technology
* Swarm Intelligence and Optimization
* Supervised & Semi-supervised Learning
* Unsupervised & Reinforcement Learning
* Kernel Methods and Supporting Vector Machines
* Cognitive Science & Computational Neuroscience
* Independent Component Analysis and Blind Source Separation
* Combinatorial & Numerical Optimization
* Systems Biology and Computational Biology
* Neural Computing and Optimization
* Nature Inspired Computing and Optimization
* Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
* Artificial Life and Artificial Immune Systems
* Ensemble Methods
* Machine Learning Theory and Methods

Computational Intelligence – Emerging Applications:

* Biological and Quantum Computing
* Bioinformatics
* Neuroinformatics & Cheminformatics
* Computational Biology and Drug Design
* Computational Genomics and Proteomics
* Signal Processing
* Pattern Recognition
* Image Processing
* Intelligent Computing in Communication and Computer Networks
* Robotics
* Computer Vision
* Brain Imaging and Bio-medical Engineering
* Intelligent Agent and Web Applications
* Wireless Sensor Networks
* Fault Diagnosis
* Intelligent Control and Automation
* Data Fusion and Security
* Prediction and Time Series Analysis
* Natural Language Processing
* Speech processing systems
* Information Retrieval systems
* Expert Systems
* Computational Finance and Economics
* Decision Support Systems
* Business forecasting and demand planning
* Product portfolio management
* Stock market analysis
* Business and Industry Applications

Paper Submission:

Prospective authors are invited to submit papers strictly in IEEE format (sample format) of not more than 6 pages including results, figures and references. All papers must be submitted electronically, in Portable Document Format (PDF).

All full papers submitted will be subjected to a blind review process through an international review panel. Comments of the reviewers will be directed to the authors one month prior to the Camera Ready Paper Submission deadline.

All accepted papers will be published in the special issue of International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research (IJCIR- ISSN: 0973-1873) published by Research India Publications, India. All the papers published in this special issue will be abstracted and indexed in ACM Computing Reviews, ACM Guide to Computing Literature, DBLP, EBSCO database, Google Scholar.

Important Dates:

Paper submission: 15th September 2010
Acceptance notification: 30th September 2010
Camera-ready paper submission: 31st October 2010

Please submit the papers thru' the mail id : icci2010.papers@grgsact.com

Please submit Camera-ready papers thru' the mail id : icci2010.camerareadypapers@grgsact.com


The conference is ideally suited to faculty in Information and Communication Technology, practitioners in industry and research centres, and academic research scholars.

Delegate category Early Bird Registration Registration on or after 1st Nov 2010
(0n or before 31st Oct 2010)

International Delegates USD 150 USD 200
Industry INR 2500 INR 3500
Faculty INR 2000 INR 2500
Research Scholars INR 1000 INR 1500

The delegate fee includes conference kit, refreshments, lunch and other incidentals on all days.

Authors of accepted papers will be required to pay INR 3000 or USD 65 additionally.


Conference Website: www.grgsact.com/icci2010/home.html
Mail ID: icci2010.enquiry@grgsact.com
Phone: (0422) 2572222 (Extn : 136) / 2593733
Mobile: 94425 66462 / 98421 05105

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Perspectives of the Universe :A Global Conference on Cosmologies

Perspectives of the Universe :A Global Conference on Cosmologies At Indian Institute of Science campus (IISc), BENGALURU, India

About the Conference:

Cosmology has always been a dramatic expression of mankind's grasp of Scientific and Spiritual Insights. Every great Civilisation has had its own perspective on the Cosmos.

Mayan (Peru, Guatemala, Mexico), Aztec (Colombian), Inca (Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia), Greco-Roman, African (Zulu, Kamitic), Chinese, Buddhist, Hindu, are some of the major Civilisational Cosmologies. As assumed that these Cosmologies were largely based on observations, intuitions and mathematical derivations over the millennia, for a long time, the contributions had been considered as fantastic mythologies, by Scientists.

Objectives of the Conference:

For the first time, Experts on Mayan. African, Greco-Roman. Hindu. Buddhist and other Ancient Cosmologies are coming together along with Scientists to share their views on Cosmology and Sciences. The Srinivasa Jyothish Vigyan Research Foundation has taken initiative to. bring together, for the first time, many eminent experts in Cosmology. It is expected that many reputed Institutions and Organisations will be involved in this historic, pioneering effort.

Objectives of this unique conference:

* Offering a common platform to all the Cosmologists to meet and share their wisdom for the first time ever

* Exploring the Applications of the Cosmological Wisdom to help the Society for Human Welfare

* Making Cosmology relevant for development of the mind - as a meeting point of Science and Spiritual Experiences.

Important details:

Over the 3 days, 14 experts will put forth their perspectives on Various Cosmologies and their relevance to the future. There will be interactive sessions for all delegates to participate and share their views. Opportunities for Oral and Poster Presentations by interested delegates shall be provided.
You are invited to participate as a delegate in this unique conference. Delegates to the conference will be provided free boarding and lodging near the venue. Travel to Bengaluru and return will be the delegates responsibility.

Paper Submission:

* Those desirous of submitting paper/s may send in their manuscript on or before October 15, 2010.

* The papers will be subjected to peer review and then selected papers will be published as proceedings of the conference, titled as 'ARYA BHATTIYAM'.

* Kindly book your participation at the earliest and be a part of the great event.

Registration Fee:

1. For participants from India – Rs. 1,000/-
2. For participants outside India – USD 150

For more details Click here


1. Conference Brochure

2. Registration form (DOC)

3. Registration form (PDF)

About the Foundation:

The Srinivas Jyothish Vigyan Research Foundation has been established by Sri. D.N. Acharya, eminent philosopher and internationally known astrologer.

Understanding the needs to bring the Heritage, Science and Culture of our Ancients, to the present-day youth, the Foundation aims to project the scintillating facets of Indian astronomy and astrology. to the public at large.


* Conducting classes for the general public on Astronomy, Astrology and the Vedas
* Publishing books related to Philosophy and Traditional Culture and Heritage
* Conducting Seminars, Conferences and Workshops in India and abroad to promote Ancient Wisdom.
* Conducting Diploma and Certificate Courses in collaboration With esteemed Universities in India on Indian Astronomy, Astrology and Philosophy

Board of Trustees:

1. Sri. D.N. Acharya

2. Sri. K. Muralidharan

3. Smt. M. Krishnaveni


There is a growing interest amongst different sections of the society, to learn about India's valuable Heritage of Astronomy, Astrology and Culture. The Foundation has taken its first step in setting up facilities to meet this need.

Situated in the vicinity of the famed Sri Ranganathar Temple at Srirangam, the Foundation has adequate facilities to handle diverse kind of academic activities. There is a well-stocked library with reference books on Astronomy, Astrology and related aspects of Culture.


National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS)
Indian Institute of Science campus (IISc), BENGALURU, India


Srinivas Jyothish Vigyan Research Foundation,
Tiruchirapalli, India

Contact Us:

Address for Communication:

Perspectives on the Universe Conference
Srinlvas Jyothish Vigyan Research Foundation
#53, West Chitra Street, Srirangam,
Tiruchirapalli 620 006,
India Mail: acharya27j42@yahoo.co.in

Exclusive Email Contacts for Conferences:

General Information – cosinfo@cosmicmanifest.org
Reservation (Air & Train) – cos_tick@cosmicmanifest.org
Accommodation – coshouse@cosmicmanifest.org

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Food is an integral part of all cultures and has been co evolving parallel to human civilisation. With rapid urbanisation and modernisation, some of the traditional foods have been either become extinct, marginalised or some others have been retaining their prominence in the society through adaptations. In the recent years, there has been increasing interest towards traditional foods throughout the world due to their importance in health, nutrition as well as their immense commercial potentials. In addition, there has also been an initiative to conserve the traditional foods before they become extinct.

The first International conference on Traditional Foods will be a point of convergence of the theory and the practice of the discipline of Food Science and Technology with an emphasis on ‘Traditional Foods’. The thrust area would be to augment every facet of Production, Processing and Professionalisation of Traditional Foods with a scientific temper, in such a way that a viable sustainable corridor for market is created. The Conference features specialised programs that hub the progressive role of emerging technologies in global food industry encompassing the sectors of health, nutrition, safety, quality and functionality of the products simultaneously addressing every associated dimensions of commercialisation when the product is marketed. Researchers, Academicians, Entrepreneurs from Food Industries, Owners of Small Scale Industries, Equipment Manufacturers and Progressive Farmers can look forward for a dynamic exchange of information pertaining to the recent trends of the researches, technology and market developments. Eminent scientists and leading experts have consented to enrich the intellectual exercise and enhance the understanding of the discipline as a whole.

Main thrust of this conference is to bring scientists and professionals working with or interested in traditional foods to come together and discuss the recent advancements in the field as well as to discuss how to harvest the full potentials of traditional foods in the changing world scenario.
Scientific developments and future potentials of Traditional Foods will be presented through various sessions with prime themes on:

o Diversity of Traditional Foods
o Nutraceutical and Functional Properties
o Nutrigenomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics
o Fermented Foods and Starter Culture
o Modern Technologies
o Food Safety and Quality Assurance
o Future Potential and Commercialisation
o Novel Concepts in Traditional foods
o Genetically Modified Crops and Traditional Foods

Conference Flyer:

The first International conference on Traditional Foods will accentuate the science, applications and benefits of traditional foods with a core thrust on creating market opportunities for a variety of technological developments.

The organizing committee is mounting specialized programs that fulcrum the escalating role of emerging technologies in global food industry trends such as health, nutrition, safety, quality and functionality as well as featuring market aspects and associated commercialization of products.

Scientists, Entrepreneurs from Food industries, Equipment designers and Researchers can look forward to dynamic information exchange and the latest research results, technology and market developments delivered by eminent Scientists worldwide.

Scientific developments and future potentials of Traditional Foods will be presented through sessions. The prime themes of contemplation include

• Diversity of Traditional Foods
• Nutraceutical and Functional Properties
• Nutrigenomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics
• Fermented Foods and Starter Culture
• Modern Technologies
• Food Safety and Quality Assurance
• Future Potential and Commercialization
• Novel Concepts in Traditional foods
• Genetically Modified Crops and Traditional Foods

The conference and venue offers an excellent opportunity for food industry and equipment suppliers to participate as a sponsor.

For more information contact:

Dr. Prathap Kumar Shetty.H
Organizing Secretary, ICTF 2010
President AFST(I),Pondicherry Chapter
Department of Food Science and Technology
Pondicherry University-605014
Email: ictf2010@gmail.com


The program for ICTF 2010 is under construction. Please check back again for the updated schedule, speakers and topics.

Sessions include:

* Diversity of Traditional Foods
* Nutraceutical and Functional Properties
* Nutrigenomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics
* Fermented Foods and Starter Culture
* Modern Technologies
* Food Safety and Quality Assurance
* Future Potential and Commercialisation
* Novel Concepts in Traditional foods
* Genetically Modified Crops and Traditional Foods


With prior notice, suitable accommodation can be arranged in and around Puducherry City. The tariff for various budget travelers ranges from Rs.1000/- to Rs.5000/- per day. Limited student’s accommodation can be arranged on first –cum-first serve basis at concessional rates of Rs.150/- per day either in hostel or dormitory. The delegates are requested to book their accommodation on or before October 20, 2010 against advanced payment.

For further details regarding accommodation, you may send an email to ictf2010@gmail.com

Call for Abstracts:

ICTF-2010 will bring together eminent researches all around the world to swap research upshots and address open issues in aspects of Traditional foods.


The Conference is soliciting state-of-the art research papers in the following areas of interest

* Diversity of Traditional Foods
* Nutraceutical and Functional Properties
* Nutrigenomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics
* Fermented Foods and Starter Culture
* Modern Technologies
* Food Safety and Quality Assurance
* Future Potential and Commercialisation
* Novel Concepts in Traditional foods
* Genetically Modified Crops and Traditional Foods

The last date for sending the Abstracts has been extended for the convenience of the participants to 1st October, 2010.


With prior notice, suitable accommodation can be arranged in and around Puducherry City. The tariff for various budget travelers ranges from Rs.1000/- to Rs.5000/- per day. Limited student’s accommodation can be arranged on first –cum-first serve basis at concessional rates of Rs.150/- per day either in hostel or dormitory. The delegates are requested to book their accommodation on or before October 20, 2010 against advanced payment.

For further details regarding accommodation, you may send an email to ictf2010@gmail.com

Important Dates:

Paper Submission: 01-10-2010
Notification of Acceptance: 15-10-2010
Author's Registration: 01-10-2010
Conference Dates: 1-3 December 2010


The details of Registration fees are as under

Title Till 1-10-2010 After 01-10-2010

AFST(I) MEMBER Rs.3,500.00 Rs.5,500.00
NON MEMBER Rs.3,750.00 Rs.5,750.00
STUDENT- AFST(I) MEMBER Rs.1,500.00 Rs.2,500.00
STUDENT- AFST(I) NON MEMBER Rs.1,750.00 Rs.2,750.00


* Participation in the Technical Programme
* Badge
* Lunch
* Conference bag
* Conference document
* Coffee breaks
* Welcome reception
* Conference dinner (Full delegates only )


Registration should be done only in the form of Demand Draft. Demand Draft should be drawn in favour of "ICTF, FST, PONDICHERRY UNIVERSITY", payable at Puducherry and it should be send along with the Pre-Registration receipt.


Refund and Cancellation Policy:

All requests for refunds must be received in writing
In case of any cancellation prior to 31st October 2010, 50% of the payment will be refunded.
In case of cancellation after 31st October 2010 no refunds will be made
Refunds will be handed back only after the conference.

Note : There are limited spot Registrations available. However, the Registration kit is not guaranteed for spot registration. For further details regarding registration; please send an email to ictf@gmail.com

Contact Us:

Dr. Prathap Kumar Shetty H
Organizing Secretary , ICTF 2010
President AFST(I), Pondicherry Chapter
Department of Food Science & Technology
Pondicherry University, Puducherry - 605 014
Phone: +91-413-2917243, Hand Phone: 9443194875
E mail : ictf2010@gmail.com
Website : http://www.pondiuni.edu.in/events/ictf2010

Dr. Haripriya S
Convenor, ICTF 2010
Secretary AFST(I), Pondicherry Chapter
Department of Food Science & Technology
Pondicherry University, Puducherry - 605 014
Phone: +91-413-2917243, Hand Phone: 9443194879
E mail : ictf2010@gmail.com
Website : http://www.pondiuni.edu.in/events/ictf2010

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National Conference on Futuristic Technologies in Computer Science Engineering and Application- NCFTCEA 2010

National Conference on Futuristic Technologies in Computer Science Engineering and Application- NCFTCEA 2010 At The Oxford Educational Institutions, Banagalore

The Oxford Group of Educational Institutions is the Brain Child of renowned educationist, Sri S. Narasaraju, Founder-Chairman of the Children's Education Society (Regd.) founded in 1974. The Oxford Educational Institutions, well-known for Academic excellence, are located in Bangalore.

These Institutions provide education from primary level to Post Graduate level in the Academic fields of Teacher's Training, Management, Hospitality, Industry, Science, Engineering, Information Technology, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Dental Education and Medical Courses. The Faculties are well qualified, experienced and dedicated. As it stands today, the student strength has crossed the 15,000 mark and the staff strength has crossed the 2500 mark.

The Oxford College of Engineering is a unit of Children's Education Society,was established in t he year 2000, with 3 B.E. programmes- Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering and Information Science and Engineering with a vision to be in the forefront of technology education. The oxford College of engineering is affiliated to the Visvesvaraya Technological University, recognized by Govt. of Karnataka and approved by All India Council of Technical Education, New Delhi.

Today It is one of the most prestigious institutions in Bangalore which has seven undergraduate programmes and two Post Graduate Programmes in Engineering and also two Post Graduate programmes in Management studies (MBA) and Computer Application (MCA) that provides quality training in professional education. It has an excellent infrastructure built on 5.5 acres of land, right on the IT corridor.

Conference Details:

The National Conference on “Futuristic Technologies in Computer Science Engineering and Applications” is scheduled on 10th NOVEMBER, 2010.

The primary objective of this conference is to bring together academicians, research scholars, industrialists, post-graduate students, and faculty members of reputed institutions to explore their research and development in Futuristic Technology.

Authors are invited to submit papers for presentation in the following areas:

* Expert Systems and Decision-making.
* Neural Networks.
* Graphics and Visualization.
* Computer Networks.
* Data Communication.
* Database Management System.
* Data Mining & Data Warehousing.
* Mobile and Wireless Communications.
* Cryptography & Data Security.
* Natural Language Processing.
* Multimedia Computing.
* Nano Computing.
* Web Technologies.
* Digital Image Processing and GIS.
* Bioinformatics.

Papers on any other related topics are also welcome.

Paper Guidelines:

Paper submission format can be downloaded from the following link- IEEE Paper Format.

The papers must be limited to 6 pages and must conform to the IEEE format.

Accepted papers will be published in the proceedings of the conference, provided at least one of the authors must register and present the paper.

Important Dates:

Full paper Submission : 01-10-2010
Acceptance Notification : 20-10-2010
Submission of Camera ready paper : 27-10-2010
Registration : 27-10-2010
Conference : 10-11-2010


Registration Fee is payable through a demand draft drawn in favor of Principal, The Oxford College of Engineering payable at Bangalore 560068. Registration fee details are as given below:

* Industry Delegates Rs. 1500/-
* Academicians/Faculties/Research Scholars Rs. 750/-
* Post-Graduate students Rs. 500/-

Registration form can be downloaded from the following link- REGISTRATION FORM.

Registration fee covers conference kit, lunch and refreshments.

Accommodation can be provided to outstation candidates on request.


The best two papers of NCFTCEA-2010 will be honoured with suitable reward. Decision of the panel will be final in this regard.


Steps are being taken up to publish good quality papers of NCFTCEA-2010 in an international/national journal. Papers selected will be confirmed on the day of the conference.

For further details and enquiry, Contact

Dr. N.M.Elango : +91 960067 9283
Mr.J.C Achutha : +91 944895 5891

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National Conference on Emerging Computing Technologies (NCECT-2010)

National Conference on Emerging Computing Technologies (NCECT-2010), I.T.S. Management & IT Institute, Ghaziabad

Immense competition, depleting economies and recession period in the market are affecting businesses globally. Business imperatives like Mergers & Acquisitions, virtualizations, global compliances, system integration are posing in new challenges for developing business. In order to manage the business under such a tremendous pressure one has to work on the innovative and contemporary issues of management and information technology as the synergy between the two fields provides a strategic edge to a business to sustain in the challenging environment.

Keeping above issues in view, I.T.S, Ghaziabad is organizing this National Conference on Emerging Computing Technologies. The conference intends to bring academicians, researchers, budding managers and entrepreneurs together for providing exposure to new endeavors and horizons to face modern management & technological challenges. This Conference is going to create a structural base for a new wave of innovation privileging application of the mentioned disciplines of knowledge to diverse fields of global concern. Keeping in view the above aspects, empirical papers & original articles that describe unpublished original research/review that are not currently under consideration by another conference or journal are solicited on the themes suggested. The themes are merely indicative of the scope and surely not restrictive.

Call for Papers:

The original unpublished papers, from following suggested domain (but not restricted), are invited for presentation and publication in the proposed proceedings of this Conference:

* Information & Communication Technology in promoting Education
* Web & Grid Computing
* IT Security & Risk Management
* Educational Technology
* Data Security & Database Technologies
* IT in Business including ERP, SCM, CRM
* Value Added Engineering
* Management Information Systems
* Information Infrastructure & Security
* Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
* Distributed and Collaborative Computing
* Embedded Systems
* Bio-informatics
* Context Aware Computing
* IT based Applications including e-governance, e-commerce, e-learning
* Machine intelligence and learning,
* Cloud Computing
* Mobile Computing
* Ambient Intelligence Environments
* Next Generation Web Technologies,
* Nano-technology and future of Miniaturization

Guidelines for Contribution:

1. Each submitted paper should contain an Abstract of not more than 200 words
and should be sent in MS-Word Format through E-Mail to the following
E-Mail Address: itsit@itsgzb.ac.in

2. The Text in the Paper should follow the Arial Font, Heading Size of 16 Bold,
Sub-headings 14 Bold and sub-sub headings 12 Bold. Running text should be
of 12 Font Size, single line space, single column format and maximum of 10
standard A4-Sheets. Use of footnotes is strongly discouraged. Please have
title, authors name, addresses, e- mails etc on the cover page.

3. All the Contributors whose Papers are approved by the review committee shall
be intimated. All such contributors would be required to register themselves by
sending the filled registration form and the required registration fee along with
the Hard Copy of their Paper on or before due date for presentation and inclusion
in the Proceedings being published for this event. All the accepted papers may be
edited, if required, by the Editorial Team.

Dates to Remember:

• Paper Submission Due : 10th September, 2010
• Acceptance Notification : 25th September, 2010
• Last Date for Registration : 10th October, 2010
• Date of Conference : 30th October, 2010

Organizing Committee:

1. Prof. Sunil Kr. Pandey Convener
2. Dr. Rabins Porwal Co-Convener
3. Prof. Shail Kr. Dinkar Member

For further details please contact:

For Details Please Contact:
Prof. Sunil Kr Pandey Prof. Shail Kr Dinkar
91- 9910370632 91-9868000379

Institute Of Technology & Science
Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad
Tel: (0120) 4174900, Fax: (0120) 2657082
IT Department: (0120) 4174942
Website: www.itsgzb.ac.in

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Hong Kong Guangdong Business Conference 2010

Hong Kong Guangdong Business Conference 2010 in New Delhi

New Delhi’s Business Event of the Year!

“The Hong Kong-Guangdong Business Conference in New Delhi 2010” will be held in New Delhi on 27th October this year, jointly organised by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government (HKSARG) and the People’s Government of Guangdong Province. We are very fortunate to have the Hon. Huang Huahua, Governor of Guangdong Province and the Hon. Donald Tsang, Chief Executive of HKSARG joining us to deliver keynote speeches at the conference.

The objective of the conference is to give the Indian business communities a better understanding of the economic development of Hong Kong and Guangdong as well as their favourable investment environment. It would highlight the achievements of the regional co-operation of the Greater Pearl River Delta (including Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao) and the Pan-Pearl River Delta and the prospects of development, with a view to promoting the mutual understanding and economic and trade co-operation between the enterprises of Guangdong and Hong Kong and those of India. We target to attract more than 1,000 senior representatives from the government and business circles of India to attend the conference. The Guangdong delegation will present a wide range of investment projects, and both Guangdong and Hong Kong delegates will conduct individual meetings and exchanges with their counterparts in India.

The forthcoming conference will provide a platform for fostering mutual trust and understanding among Hong Kong, Guangdong and India. We sincerely welcome friends from the Indian business communities, to grab this opportunity and secure new business prospects by attending this Conference.

About Guangdong:

Located at the south post of China Mainland, Guangdong is one of the earliest and most important foreign trade ports in China. The famous Sea Silk Road in the history starts from Guangdong. With its sustained and rapid economic development since the reform and opening-up of Mainland China, Guangdong has been continuously cultivating an honest, trustworthy, safe, harmonious and civilized investment environment, providing excellent services for merchants and investors, and protect legitimate rights of foreign businessmen to guarantee their better opportunities of development. Now, Guangdong has become the leading province in terms of economic capacity and external trade and the most attractive destination for investment in China. In 2009, Guangdong realized a GDP of USD 572 billion, increasing by 9.5%, which accounted for about 1/8 of China. The total export-import trade value has reached USD 611 billion, accounting for 1/4 of China. The actual input of foreign direct investment amounted to USD 19.5 billion, which is 1/4 of the country. With great supporting service capacities, huge market potentials and remarkable investment and business environment, Guangdong boasts one of the most important manufacture bases in China. The Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in Guangdong Province is one of the three greatest air traffic hinges in China. Guangdong has always been making effort to create an investment and business environment of high efficiency and low cost for the investors and traders from all over the world. Now, Guangdong boasts a prosperous economy and stable society. It has become one of the regions that have the most energetic economy, most advanced productivity and strongest science and technological powers in China.

Guangdong has all along been attaching much importance to promoting economic and trade links with India. In recent years, the two-way economic and trade exchanges and cooperation have made great achievement. In 2009, the total trade value between Guangdong and India reached USD 7.8 billion, increasing by 10%. By the end of 2009, the actual input of direct investment from India amounted to USD 38.88 million. Many Indian enterprises have located their business and investment in Guangdong and gained abundant rewards, such as Essel, Mahindra, ABF freights, etc.

Guangdong Projects:


To download the Chineses version of the Investment Guide, click here

To download the Chineses version of the Guangdond Projects, click here


To download the English version of the Investment Guide, click here

To download the English version of the Guangdond Projects, click here


Opening Remarks

Mr. Zhang Yan
Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to India

Keynote Address

Hon. Huang Huahua
Governor of Guangdong

Keynote Address

Hon. Donald Tsang
Chief Executive, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Case Study

Indian Investment Experience in Hong Kong
Mr. Naresh Goyal
Chairman, Jet Airways


Date: Wednesday, 27 October 2010
Registration: 09.00 am to 10.00 am
Conference: 10.00 am to 12:30 pm
Business consultation: 01:30 pm to 04:30 pm

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Conference On Human Resource 10.10.2010 (SundaY)

Conference On Human Resource 10.10.2010 (SundaY)


1. Training & Development Practices & Trends
2. Training Technologies & E-Learning
3. Issues & Challenges in Training Industry
4. Organization Development (OD) Interventions


“The man who graduates today and stops learning tomorrow is uneducated the day after.” Organization & Institutes are
accelerating themselves for creating a Learning Organization. It is believed and perceived that the amount of the time,
efforts and money invested in Training and Development of the individuals doesn't generate optimum results and returns
on the investment. But the fact is that the Training and Development is the most preferred activity for the Development, Change & Growth in the organization. The Organizations who have initiated OD activities along with Training and Development Programs during Recession have perform well. Thus for Effective Training and Development continuous learning is a must. Training and Development can help the organization in creating competitive advantage and building core competency. Keeping the Business Objectives/Goals as the priority training program shall help in skill, attitude, abilities, and knowledge (i.e. Competency) development and creates a competency pool/hub for the organization. A research says that there will be a need of 50,000 Training & OD Consultants by 2015. This conference is a must for every HR Professionals who wants to upsurge their potential. Coping up with the rapidly changing demand of the Organization in relation to the internal and external Environment and Dynamics requires Innovation for which Organization Development Interventions are must for all growth seeking Organization. T&D, e-Learning & Organization Development are not just Investment in Development and Growth but it has also become a Branding Activity. Learn, Unlearn, Relearn and e-Learn are the mantras for success.



Time Topic

08:00 to 09:45 Spot Registration & Light Tea
09:45 to 10:00 Inauguration
10:00 to 11:30 Training & Development Practices & Trends
11:30 to 11:45 Break for Tea
11:45 to 01:15 Training Technologies & e-Learning
01:15 to 02:00 Break for Lunch


Time Topic
02:00 to 03:30 Issues & Challenges in Training Industry
03:30 to 03:45 Break for Tea
03:45 to 05:15 Organization Development (OD) Interventions
05:15 to 06:00 Best Paper Presentations
06:00 to 06:15 Honours & Recognition


1. Each Speaker will be given 20-25 minutes for their Presentations.
2. There will be 8-10 minutes for Best Paper Presentation subject to the selection from the Committee.
3. After each session there will be Open Discussion (Question & Answer Round) for 10-15 minutes.


Vanijya Bhavan, Race Course Circle,
Vadodara, Gujarat.
conferenceonHR@gmail.com | +91- 9974 100 899


The last date for registration is: 01.10.2010
conferenceonHR@gmail.com: +91- 9974 100 899


Papers are invited from the HR Professionals, Faculty Members and Students for the Conference on HR at Vadodara on 10.10.10 (SundaY)


1. Training & Development Practices & Trends
2. Training Technologies & e-Learning
3. Issues & Challenges in Training Industry
4. Organization Development (OD) Interventions Submit your papers along with abstract before 01.10.10 with subject line as Paper Submission.

Paper should contain following details:

a) Key words near to 20
b) Abstract for near to 150 words
c) Paper Length for near to 2000-2500 words

Evaluation Criteria is based on the Originality of the Concept & Idea, Quality of the Content and Presentation Skills.

Best papers will be presented in the conference and the winner
will be awarded.

Send soft copy of the papers only in word (.doc) format at


The first Conference on HR was organized on 20.09.09 (SundaY) at Vanijya Bhavan, Vadodara, Gujarat. Near to 156 HR Professionals from Institute, Industries and Management Association Participated. The topics were Recruitment Challenges, Training Competence, Performance Innovations and Innovative compensation and the speakers were Mr. Ramesh C D, Sr. VP HR, Kotak Bank; Mr. Dattesh Shah, Head HR, Areva T&D; Prof. Swaswata Biswas, Department Head, IRMA; Prof. Aurbindo Ghosh, Director, INC College (ICFAI), Mr. Suneel Karkare, Consultant & Director, Sambandh; Mrs. Nanda Dave, Director, The Mentors; Mr. Om Prakash, Director, Baroda Naukri.com; Mr. Jayendra Shah, Consultant and Professor; Prof. Subhasish Chatterjee, Omegan Business School and Mr. Krunal Thakkar, Training and OD Consultant, Zenon India. Papers were presented by Students, Faculties, & HR Professionals on the various topics which were appreciated and the Best were awarded. The Conference on HR brief Report is published in Human Capital Magazine, Vol.13 No.5 October 2009, Page 53.


1. Xerox the filled in Registration form for your reference and Collect the Registration Fee Receipt from the Registration
Counter on 10th October 2010.
2. Cheque should be drawn in favour of Krunal Thakkar & to be mailed at below mention address.

Address for Correspondence:

Mr. Krunal Thakkar
Conference Coordinator
6, Surya Society,
Laxmipura Road, Gorwa,
Vadodara, Gujarat: 390016.

For further Information:

Contact Person: Mr. Krunal Thakkar
Mobile No: 91-99741 00899
Email: conferenceonHR@gmail.com
Website: www.ConferenceonHR.com

for more info visit.



Sustainable water resources management and climate change adaptation are increasingly becoming highly recognized global issues. As water is a basic necessity for life, it is of utmost importance to understand impact of climate change on water resources. This holds particularly true for a country like India, where water is a scarce resource and adverse impacts on water resources has recently been observed as a consequence of climate change. Since water is the most widely used resource for sustaining life on earth and achieving development in various spheres of life, engineering of water resources system is now being linked to the climate of the region. Water resources have wide spatial and temporal distribution due to which hydraulics and hydrology of water resources becomes intricately dependent on each other. Due to its multiple benefits and the problems created by its excesses, deficit, and quality deterioration, the conservation and management of water resources requires special attention on the management of environment of the water resources system. During the last couple of decades, fast industrial growth has led to rapid urbanization resulting in multifold increase for demand of water, whereas remarkable change in climate has occurred. The rising pressure on water resources has resulted in altered watersheds and changes in the course of river systems. These alterations have greatly affected the flow in system of water resources which have contributed to heavy loss of lives and properties during flooding. Rapid urbanization, change in climate, changes in watershed condition and course of rivers demand better strategies for management of this precious resource for sustained industrial growth so that water necessary for industrial as well as agricultural use can be made available for a secured future.


The conference is being organized to broadly cover all aspects of sustainable water resources management and climate change adaptation. Some of the highlighted themes are:

µ Climate Change Prediction

µ Climate Change Adaptation

µ Susceptibility of Water Resources due to Climate Change

µ Weather Forecasting

µ Flood Forecasting, Warning and Management

µ Hydrological prediction in ungauged basins

µ Hydrologic data and its management

µ Surface and Groundwater Resources Management

µ Pollution Management

µ Water resources development, management and conservation under uncertainty

µ Application of Emerging Techniques in Water Sector

µ Application of Remote Sensing Technique and Geographical Information System in the field of Water Resources

µ Soft Computing for Water Resources Engineering and Management

µ Hydraulics of rainwater harvesting and recharging system

µ Eco-hydraulics and river restoration

µ Environmental flow requirements

µ Hydraulics of large-scale water transfer – hydrological, environmental, ecological, economic, and social dimensions

µ Mechanics of sediment transport and fluvial hydraulics

µ Hydraulics and hydrology of lakes, reservoir.

µ Hydraulics of maritime and coastal flow

µ Hydraulics of flow in soil-water-structure interaction


We invite experts, professionals, academicians, scientists, researchers, policy makers, managers, stakeholders and students to attend the conference and participate in the various deliberations. Prospective authors are invited to contribute technical papers on the theme of the conference.


Abstracts of about 300 words indicating results and conclusions of the studies falling under any of the above mentioned themes for studies are invited. The abstract should be submitted electronically to the given email address with one hard copy by post to the Organizing Secretary of “Climate Change Intl. Conf.- 2011” by 30th October, 2010. Abstracts should contain the title of the paper, names of all the authors and full contact details of the corresponding author. The extended abstract should be between 300-400 words, neatly typed with 1.5 lines spacing in Times New Roman (MS-WORD Font Size 12 pt.) The authors whose papers are selected for presentation (either oral or poster) and inclusion in the proceedings shall be intimated by 15th Nov. 2010. The full length paper with two hard copies along with CD/Soft Copy should be sent latest by 31st December, 2010.




The official language of the conference is English.






An International Advisory committee will steer the general direction of the conference and will advise National Executive Committee on all relevant matters.


Indian Delegates : Rs. 5,000

Foreign Delegates : US$ 500.00

(Early bird to be paid by 30th Oct. 2010)

Foreign Delegates : US$ 550.00

Students from India : Rs. 2,500.00

Foreign Students : US$ 250.00

Accompanying Person :

Indian : Rs. 2,500.00

Foreign : US$ 250.00

Prospective participants are requested to fill in the enclosed Registration Form and mail the same along with Registration Fee before December 31, 2010. An online -registration form is also available at the Intl. Conf-CE-2011website for pre-registration. Registration Fee should be sent by a Demand Draft in the favour of “Climate Change Intl. Conf.- 2011” payable at Durgapur at the address given below: Download : pdf / doc

Organizing Secretary :

Climate Change Intl. Conf.- 2011
Dept. of Civil Engineering,
National Institute of Technology, Durgapur
Durgapur – 713209 (West Bengal), INDIA
Fax: + 91 34342547375


A technical exhibitions focusing on the themes of the conference is planned at the conference venue. Two complimentary registrations would be provided to each exhibitor.

Download : pdf / doc


Institutes and Organizations can utilize this opportunity for advertising their products and services. Advertisement will be inserted in Proceedings/Souvenir as well as in “Intl. Conf-CE-2011” website and on CD. Please provide the logo/matter latest by 31 December 2010 so as to include it in Proceeding/Souvenir.

Download : pdf / doc


Limited accommodation on payment basis would be made available to the participants on first registered first served basis.


In the first half of 19th February 2011, a field tour to the near by sites for visual observation of hydraulics of flow, performance of water resources structures, and environmental management has been planned.


The conference will be held from February 17 to 19, 2011 at Durgapur, the industrial hub of eastern India. First half of the last day of the conference, 19th February 2011 will be devoted to visit of industrial installations and site for water resources projects.


Submission of abstracts: 30 October, 2010

Acceptance of abstract: 15 November 2010

Submission of full length paper: 31 December, 2010

Acceptance of full length paper: 15 January, 2011

Conference: 17 - 19 February 2011

Full length papers will be reviewed and the accepted papers will be published in proceedings by a reputed publisher. The proceedings will be given to registered delegates at the time of registration.


National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, West Bengal, India


During February, Durgapur observes bright and pleasant sunny days, temperature reaching to a low of around 15ºC during the nights and high of 25oC during day time. Delegates are advised not to worry about woolen clothing for the visit to Durgapur during the conference days.

for more info visit.

Technomillennium 2010

Technomillennium 2010

AIMS and Objectives

* To foster tight interplay between the recent technology advance and the efforts of research community and energize rural economy.
* To provide a platform for engineering undergraduate and postgraduate students to share their thoughts and present ideas for up-liftment of rural society of India


Human - Technology Interaction, Interface and usability- focus on rural development in India.

Conference Registration Form

Registration Fees
Event    Registration Fee per student (1st-17th Sept 2010)           Max student per team
- Paper/Poster Presentation UG - Rs. 400 PG - Rs. 600                    03
- Robo-Race Rs. 250/-                                                                     04
- Robo-War Rs. 250/-                                                                       04
- Quiz Competition Rs. 100/-                                                             02
- Project/Model Exhibition Rs. 200/-                                                 03
- LAN Gaming Rs.100/-                                                                   02

Quiz Completion Entry Fees - Rs. 50/-
Downloadable Forms

To download the registration forms for the Techno millennium 2010 click on the following links

* Registration form PDF format WORD format
* Paper format WORD format PDF format
* Robo-War (Rules)
* Robo-Race (Rules)
* LAN Gaming (Rules)
* Project/Model Exhibition (Rules)
* Quiz Competition (Rules)


Convener Technomillennium 2010,
MIT, Beed By Pass, Satara Village Road,
Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India - 431028.
Phone: +91 240 2375212, +91 9373794018, 9326542601, 9890955285.
Fax: +91 240 2376618.
Email: tm2k10mit@gmail.com
URL: http://www.mit.asia/technomillennium.aspx

HCL BPO Freshers Walk-in Interview for Associate/Sr. Associate ( 0 - 2 Years Exp)

HCL BPO Freshers Walk-in Interview for Associate/Sr. Associate ( 0 - 2 Years Exp)

Job Description:    HCL BPO Walk-in Interview for Associate/Sr. Associate ( 0 - 2 Years Exp) Freshers can apply. Doorstep pickup and drop facility will be provided.

Skill Sets:    Good communication skills in English and listening skills. Basic Computer & Internet knowledge is required.

Education:    BSc, BE, BTech, MCA, MSc, ME, MTech

Experience:    0 - 2 years (Freshers can also apply)

Job Location:    Chennai

How to Apply?
Contact:    91-44-42033456

Address:    Careertel Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd, 3/1B,First Floor, 57th Street, Ashok Nagar, Chennai.

Job Last Date:    Sunday, September 05, 2010

Artech Infosystems looking for Mainframe User Administrator

Artech Infosystems looking for Mainframe User Administrator

Job Description:    Artech Infosystems looking for Mainframe User Administrator having 1 - 2 Years experience.

Skill Sets:    COBOL, REXX, JCL and DB2

Education:    BE, BTech, MCA, MSc, ME, MTech

Experience:    0.5 - 2 years

Job Location:    Bangalore

How to Apply?
Contact:    manjunathd@artechinfo.in

Address:    Send your resume to manjunathd@artechinfo.in. Selected candidate will get call for face to face interview in Bangalore.

Other Details   

Please Carry 2 Copies of Resume + Educational Certificates + 2 Passport size photo + Any photo ID card + Latest Salary slip (if any)

Job Last Date:
    Saturday, September 04, 2010

Java, J2EE (websphere portal server) Walk-in at MPhasis an HP Company

Java, J2EE (websphere portal server) Walk-in at MPhasis an HP Company

Job Description: Java, J2EE (websphere portal server) Walk-in at MPhasis an HP Company, Chennai for candidate having 3 - 5 Years exp.

Skill Sets: J2EE, Messaging Queues and Web Services

Education: BE, BTech, MCA, MSc, ME, MTech

Experience: 3 - 5 years

Job Location: Chennai

Contact: Priya.PV@mphasis.com

Address: Send your resume to Priya Mohan (Priya.PV@mphasis.com) with proper subject line.

Other Details
Please Carry 2 Copies of Resume + Educational Certificates + 2 Passport size photo + Any photo ID card + Latest Salary slip (if any)

Job Last Date:  Saturday, September 04, 2010

Urgent Job Opportunity at Infosys BPO for Freshers - Apply now

Urgent Job Opportunity at Infosys BPO for Freshers - Apply now

Job Description:Infosys BPO Walk-in Interview for Associate/Sr. Associate non-tech ( 0 - 2 Years Exp) Freshers can apply.
Skill Sets:Good communication skills in English and listening skills. Basic Computer & Internet knowledge is required and candidate willing to work in shifts (24/7 environment)
Education:BSc, BE, BTech, MCA, MSc, ME, MTech
Experience:0 - 2 years (Freshers can also apply)
Job Location:Bangalore, Pune
How to Apply?
Address:Infosys BPO, Kapil Towers, B Wing, 45., Dr. Ambedkar Road, Next to RTO. Behind Dr. Batra’s Clinic. Pune- 411001

Infosys BPO, #27, SJR towers, Towers 3, J.P.Nagar 3rd Phase, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. (Landmark: Near Jayadeva Heart Hospital )
Other DetailsPlease Carry 2 Copies of Resume + Educational Certificates + 2 Passport size photo + Any photo ID card + Latest Salary slip (if any)

Job Last Date:Sunday, September 05, 2010

IBM Walk-in Interview for Java, J2EE as Application Developer

IBM Walk-in Interview for Java, J2EE as Application Developer

Job Description:    Application Developer required at IBM India prv. Ltd for Java and J2EE

Skill Sets:    SDLC, Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlet, XML, Team Building and Problem solving skills.

Education:    BE, BTech, MCA, MSc, ME, MTech

Experience:    5 - 8 yrs

Job Location:    Pune

How to Apply?
Contact:    https://jobs3.netmedia1.com/cp/search.jsp?trac=hp_in&jobati

Address:    Apply at https://jobs3.netmedia1.com/cp/search.jsp?trac=hp_in&jobati (copy and paste)

Other Details   

Please Carry 2 Copies of Resume + Educational Certificates + 2 Passport size photo + Any photo ID card + Latest Salary slip (if any)

Job Last Date:    Sunday, September 05, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

Opportunities at Axis Technologies

Opportunities at Axis

Axis is an employee driven organization. At Axis, you are empowered to harness new ideas, unleash your imaginations and excel in a rapidly changing industry. We want individuals who have chutzpah and can contribute with your skills and knowledge, enhancing the potential of our teams at the Development Center at Pune.

Send in your resumes to careers@axistech.com
Please note that resumes are auto-sorted. Include the Opportunity Code in Subject line.
Urgent Openings

* Asst Managers- International Marketing ( Pune-2)
MBA with 1-2 yrs Exp. in Marketing

* Marketing Executive- National and International Marketing (Pune-6)

* Managers- International Marketing (Pune-2)
MBA with 1-2 yrs Exp. in Marketing

* VB Programmers (Pune-2)
6 Month-1 yr experience, Oracle will be an added advantage

2-3 yrs experience in Sheet metal Fabrication, Design and Purchase

Fresher who have working knowledge of AutoCad

* Draughtsman Mechanical
1-2 Solid Modeling, Sheet Metal Fabrication experience is preferred

* Support Engineer
Mumbai Location

International Workshop on Advances in Automotive Technology (IWAAT-2010)

International Workshop on Advances in Automotive Technology (IWAAT-2010) November 10-11, 2010, At Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur,Howrah,West Bengal,India

What Is IWAAT-2010

The workshop is conceived with the objective of developing long term liaison between the University of Windsor,Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and the Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur, West Bengal, India and other Indian industry and academia. The city of Windsor in Canada is adjacent to Detroit Michigan and they form the hub of the North American auto industry. The workshop is organized with the hope of creating a common platform of exchanging ideas that will drive the futuristic development of automotive research and training. The major thrust areas of the workshop will include

* Overview of Global Automotive Sector Priorities
* Key Technical Issues for the future
* Automobile Design for Manufacturing & Assembly
* Teaching and Research capabilities in Windsor and India on Automotive Engineering

Eminent national and international speakers will deliver lectures on diverse fields of automotive technology, research, developments and future trends for eleven odd hours spanning over two days.

Registration Fees:

Research Institutes/Academic Institutions :3000 /-

Industry :7000 /-

Student :1500 /-

SAE members are eligible for a discount of :500 /-

Last Date Of Registration : 29.10.2010

Address For Communication:

Prof. Sujoy Kumar Saha
Convenor, IWAAT-2010
Mechanical Engineering Department,
Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur, Howrah-711 103, West Bengal, India
Email: sujoy_k_saha@hotmail.com
Contact No. : 9830493430 (M)

Click Here And Save The Registration Form


Department of Mechanical Engineering
Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur
Howrah 711 103, West Bengal, India


Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur:

This university, the second oldest engineering institution of India, has been catering to its technological needs for the last 150 years. This university is located in the sylvan surrounding on the western bank of the river Hooghly, opposite to the city of Kolkata and is well connected to all major cities of the country. This university has an unique advantage of being surrounded by several important academic and research organizations that propel the research activities of the university in diverse fields of engineering and science.

The inception of the Mechanical Engineering Department is traced back to 1921. The first degree course in Mechanical Engineering was started in 1930. The Department provides ample laboratory and research facilities to the Undergraduate and postgraduate students both in conventional as well as the emerging fields of the specialization.

University of Windsor:

The University of Windsor is located at the crossroads of North America, facing one of Canada's most beautiful waterfronts on the Detroit River. The University of Windsor is an internationally oriented, multi-disciplined institution that actively encourages a broad diversity of students, faculty and staff. Those strengths vault it to the forefront of Canadian universities in the creation of an awareness and appreciation of difference - difference in ethnic backgrounds, difference in cultures and difference in dreams. The University of Windsor, also known as Canada's Automotive University, has an active industry-institute partnership with the automotive giant, Chrysler Canada Inc. The University of Windsor/Chrysler Canada Automotive Research and Development Centre (ARDC) is the first partnership of its kind between industry and academic in North America (opened in 1996). The university owns the building and land and conducts research of interest to the auto industry, while Chrysler provides the research infrastructure and is responsible for all operations and costs.

Society of Automotive Engineers:

SAEINDIA is India's leading resource for mobility technology. As an individual member driven society of mobility practitioners the ownership of SAEINDIA wrests with its members who are Individuals from the mobility community, which includes Engineers Executives from Industry, Government Officials, Academics and Students. SAEINDIA is an affiliate society of SAE International registered in India as an Indian nonprofit engineering and scientific society dedicated to the advancement of mobility industry in India.

for more info visit.

International Workshop on Medical Imaging

International Workshop on Medical Imaging 3rd January - 7th January, 2011, At IIT Kharagpur

Department of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur - 721302


Medical imaging is one of the biggest blessings of science and technology to serve the humanity. The remarkable developments in the field of medical imaging is intensified by advancement of image processing, pattern recognition and machine intelligence techniques and they have strengthened the recent advancement of medical diagnostics. The key benefit of medical imaging is that it makes diagnosis possible in a non-invasive way. Medical imaging can be used for early detection, where the diseases could be detected at an early stage and thereby the chance of revival is increased for the patients and that comes with less pain and expenditure. Over the years people from various disciplines including doctors, engineers and scientists have strengthened this niche area of medical imaging. Though it�s an exciting area of research, the role of south-eastern Asian countries and African nations are very insignificant in this domain. However, to make the affordable solution available and acceptable to the masses the active participation of the local researchers is necessary in this region. One of the primary challenges of this domain is that it needs a multi-disciplinary approach. This workshop brings the key personalities/participants in this field to share with you their recent advances and experiences. It provides you the recent trend of industry needs and research and creates an opportunity to develop the local as well as global network. Department of Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering and School of Medical Science & Technology, IIT Kharagpur being actively involved in multidisciplinary research and teaching in medical imaging and instrumentation, image processing and pattern analysis, provides the venue of this workshop.

Topics/Areas to be Covered:

* Introduction to Medical Imaging
* Breast Cancer Imaging
* Landmarking/segmentation of 3D CT images
* Fundamentals of Medical Imaging
* Optical Imaging
* Early Detection of Oral Cancer - A computer vision theoretic technique
* Embedded VLSI US System
* Image Processing for Medical Images
* Tele Medicine
* Tongue Imaging
* Image Registration: Methods & Applications
* Clinical Application Development Methods � From open source to inner source
* 3D imaging/Fusion Imaging
* Classification of Liver US Images


The workshop will be conducted simultaneously in IIT Kharagpur at Kharagpur and at Salt Lake, Kolkata campuses. These two venues are connected through interactive Multimedia facility (via. Virtual LAN), which will enable the interested participants of both the sides to interact in real time. As good accommodation facilities in Kharagpur are limited outside the campus, it will enable more participants to join and enjoy the metro ambiance.

IIT Kharagpur Kolkata Campus
IIT Kharagpur Kolkata Extension Centre,
Sector-3, Near Tank No-14,
Saltlake, Kolkata-700106.
Phone: 033-23379793

IIT Kharagpur Campus

Registration Fees:

Registration fees (Indian) : INR 10,000.00
Registration fees (Foreign) : $225.00


* Early bird concession: For registration latest by 30th September 2010, 10% concession is available for both Indian and foreign nationals.
* Group booking (more than equal to five candidates) from the same organization (Indian/foreign) is eligible for 20% concession.
* Indian national who are fulltime staff/researcher of academic institute in India are eligible for 50% concession. Applicants should provide the proof of fulltime employment from the employer (HOD/Head of the institute).
* Candidates can claim only one concession. In case the candidate is eligible for multiple concession, the one which provides higher concession will be considered.
The payment should be made through bank draft in favour of 'CEP-STC, IIT Kharagpur'drawn on any Bank in Kharagpur. The draft should be sent along with the completed registration form.

Important Dates:

Last date for registration : November 15, 2010 (Monday)
[Complete application along with the Demand Draft should be received by the coordinator by this date]
Last date for Early bird concession: 30th September 2010
Course Duration : 3rd January [Monday] - 7th January [Friday], 2011

Course Material :

Necessary course materials will be provided to the participants during the course.


For any queries please contact:

Phone: +91-3222-281476 / 281491
Fax: +91-3222-255303 / 282264
Email: arumoy@ece.iitkgp.ernet.in


Prof. S Mukhopadhyay, Coordinator,
International Workshop on Medical Imaging,
Dept. of Electronics & ECE, IIT Kharagpur,
India 721302.
Email : smukho@iitkgp.ac.in
Phone : +91-3222-283568

Prof. P.K. Dutta, Co-coordinator
Email : pkd@ee.iitkgp.ernet.in
Phone : +91-3222-283054

Download Registration Form

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Short Course for Professionals in Project Management At IIT Kharagpur

Short Course for Professionals in Project Management At IIT Kharagpur

Short Course for Professionals in Project Management:

All details appear on the Course website on the IIT Kharagpur Institute webpage.

This course will be particularly useful for practicing professionals who manage, plan, execute or sponsor construction, R&D, IT, facilities upgradation or Six Sigma projects. Some prior experience in having managed or acted as a resource in projects would be most helpful. If you are planning to learn about project management with the desire to write the PMP/PMI test, you will learn all the basics in this course.

The faculty are top rated and internationally recognized for their expertise in project management.

Course Objective:

This 4-Day focused course in Project Management will cover methods beyond topics covered in Operations Management for MBAs and M Techs—in the planning and implementation of projects. This is a major knowledge
upgrade for project managers and practitioners. Specifically, learning will include:

• Project Life Cycle, CPM and PERT
• How to allocate resources to different activities while planning a project; “crashing” (expedite) certain project activities to speed up a project; you will experience the dynamic effects of crashing by simulating a real life project using CPSIM
• How to identify, quantify and mitigate risks; Monte Carlo in PERT
• Project performance evaluation by EVM; Critical Chain PM
• Developing working competence in the use of MS Project®

Course Deliverables:

At the end of the course the attendee would be skilled in expediting projects by prudently crashing certain activities,
conducting Risk analysis, Resource allocation, use MS Project® and Critical Chains; Six Sigma case application.


Group work and simulation exercises; hands-on work with MS Project® to build realistic project plans and optimize them; classroom discussions and case analyses will be used to reinforce concepts taught.

Text (will be provided to each attendee):

Project Management: A Managerial Approach, Jack Meredith and Samuel Mantel Jr, 6th ed., Wiley.

Course Fee:

Rupees 15,000.00 per participant payable by draft to CEP-STC, IIT Kharagpur; Fee covers four days’ room and board on campus, all course materials, and a textbook.

Project Management Course Outline

Course Coordinator: Professor Tapan P Bagchi
Course Co-Coordinator: Professor J Maiti
Venue: IEM, IIT Kharagpur
Date: November 24-27. 2010

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National Seminar Rural Consumers in Globalizing Market:Vulnerability and Choices

National Seminar Rural Consumers in Globalizing Market:Vulnerability and Choices, December15-16, 2010, University of Kalyani

The Department of Sociology, University of Kalyani, West Bengal can boast of being the
pioneer in introducing teaching and research in Sociology in eastern region of India. As
early as in 1966, a Post Graduate course in Sociology had been introduced. The
Department of Sociology, in consistent with her commitment towards academic
excellence through collaborative academic initiatives, will organize in collaboration with
the Centre for Consumer Studies, Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi,
a Two-day National Seminar during December 15-16, 2010.

Central Theme and Sub-themes:

The Central Theme of the Seminar is: Rural Consumers in Globalizing Market: Vulnerability and Choices. The Sub-themes of the Seminar are:
1. Rural Consumers: Vulnerability and Choices;
2. Working of Rural Consumer Organizations and Institutions and 3. Consumer Welfare and Institutions of Higher Learning. These are only illustrative, of course. Unpublished conceptual and empirical papers are invited on these and related issues.

Brief Note on Sub-Theme:

The business entrepreneurs, manufacturer or service provider, national or multinational, large or small have become more mobile and aggressive than ever before in exploring new markets to sell their products and services. Liberalization of economies, the economic concomitant of globalization, has reinforced the process of desperate quest for market. True it is, the consumers of the liberalizing economies, including that of India, enjoy access to a greater variety of commodities and services than ever before. Truer it is, the chances of being victims of improper choice and fraudulent behaviour of
the enterprises have increased manifold. In case of the consumers in globalizing rural market, the situation turns out to be more critical. This calls for concerted and collective resolution in reducing incidence of deception and ensuring choices of the consumers. This Seminar is primarily intended to be an occasion towards this direction.
The rural segment of the Indian society has convincing and enviable potentialities for growth with substantial demand for both products and services. The rural India has been witnessing conspicuously changing world of consumption in compatible with her growing purchasing power. In order to woo the ‘not-so-affluent and not-so-poor’ segment, which constitute the majority of the rural consumers, the entrepreneurs have introduced newer marketing strategies (from packet to sachet, from cash to EMI, for example). It is not alone agri-business, the rural India is also poised to lead in sector like FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). Recent studies on rural consumers however, suggest that they are deceived at the market place in various forms: from fake FMCG product (both ‘counterfeit’ and ‘pass-off’) to inflated electricity/telephone bill to medical negligence. It is chiefly ill-information or, mal-information on the part of a consumer
about products and services that al lows him to be deceived. Interestingly, in India, most cases of deception either remain unreported or settled out-of-court. What then dissuades the deceived to avoid the redressal mechanism? Is it that the redressal process needs to be more ‘consumer-centric’?
Under changing social conditions, axiomatic it is, the state is in no mood to shoulder the welfare-obligations, alone. The post-reform Indian society has been witnessing slow but steady actualization of the private-public partnership model of development. The state’s limited or, fractured initiatives to effectively ensure ‘consumer justice’ on the one hand and occasional fraudulent behaviour as an entrepreneur on the other have chiefly induced the non-state consumer organizations to emerge and intervene. The non-state organizations exist both as ‘critique’ and ‘collaborator’ to the state’s initiatives towards consumer welfare.
It is only recently that a scheme has been launched to ensure effective involvement of the institutions of higher learning in consumer protection and consumer welfare. Appreciating this initiative, the present Seminar will strive to delineate how best the potentialities of the institutions of higher learning be used for a social cause.
The central concern of the Seminar has been divided into three sub-themes. Each of these three sub-themes has been put, in some detail, here-in-below.

I Rural Consumers: Vulnerability and Choices:

Fraudulent behaviour among the entrepreneurs is allegedly more rampant in rural markets than in urban markets. The multiple ways the consumers are deceived in a globalizing rural market and its impact demands adequate scholastic attention. How is resistance to fraudulent behaviour of the enterprises mobilized at the local? Why are some people more vulnerable than others? How well the more vulnerable be provided protection in an imperfect market? What prevents a consumer from seeking redressal against deception and/or, what induces a consumer to prefer out-of-court settlement?
Prescription in regard to choice of the vulnerable rural consumers need to be based on adequate knowledge about the nature, magnitude and incidence of deception as well as the structures of vulnerability in the rural market with reference to the rights of individuals as consumers in Indian society.

II Working of Rural Consumer Organizations and Institutions:

The non-state consumer organizations are both taken care of and monitored by the state. The non-state consumer organizations reciprocate to the initiatives of the state even being a critique of it. Both, the state and the non-state consumer organizations gain through this kind of ‘collaboration’. One becomes interested to know: how do the non-state consumer organizations manage to remain faithful to conflicting rolesituations viz.; a critique and a collaborator of state-action? The complex interaction between the state and the non-state consumer organizations needs to be critically
analysed to ascertain the efficacy of the private-public partnership model in ensuring consumer justice. A review of the working of these organizations will ensure reliable input towards an understanding of the sustainability of these organizations. The variety of constraints experienced by the non-state consumer organizations in course of roleperformance have failed to attract adequate attention. The redressal mechanism at the local level also deserves critical attention.

III Consumer Welfare and Institutions of Higher Learning:

The institutions of higher learning can significantly contribute towards consumer welfare and consumer protection. While this Seminar will deal with this issue at length to suggest how well the institutions of higher learning can contribute to consumer welfare and consumer protection, it can be argued, consumer welfare and consumer protection can very well be an arena of inter-disciplinary research. Again, the expertise, achieved through inter-disciplinary research, may be transferred to the immediate community as part of outreach programme. It is to be explored if collaboration between
institutions of higher learning towards policy research is feasible.

Notes for Contributors:

Abstract should not exceed 300 words. Abstract must accompany the following: Title of the Paper, Name, Address, E-mail ID and Contact Number of the author(s). Each abstract will be reviewed. All accepted abstracts will be published. The abstract should preferably be sent by E-mail [asishmukhopadhyay@rediffmail.com or, partha_de2006@yahoo.co.in or, amites67@rediffmail.com]. The full paper should not exceed 15 pages (A4 Size) including Tables, Graphs, if any. There is a plan to publish selected and revised papers based on peer reviews in due course.

Important Dates:

I Submission of Abstract (within 300 words): September 25, 2010
II Intimation of Acceptance of Abstract: October 10, 2010
III Submission of Full paper (within 5000 words): November15, 2010
IV Seminar: December15-16, 2010


Vidyasagar Sabha Griha
(Kalyani University Auditorium)
Administrative Building
University of Kalyani

Registration Fee (INR)*:

Students: 100/-
Research Scholars: 200/-
Academics: 300/-
Others: 400/-
Deadline for Registration: December 10, 2010

*Exclusive of expenses for accommodation. Limited accommodation may be arranged on
request and additional payment. For accommodation, contact:

For additional information, please contact:

Asish Mukhopadhyay
Organizing Secretary
E-mail: asishmukhopadhyay@rediffmail.com
Mob: +919830687427
Partha S. Dey
Jt. Organizing Secretary
E-mail: partha_de2006@yahoo.co.in
Mob: +919432959524
Amites Mukhopadhyay
Jt. Organizing Secretary
E-mail: amites67@rediffmail.com
Mob: +919830006597

Organized by:

Department of Sociology
University of Kalyani

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International Symposium on Plant Biotechnology towards Tolerance to Stresses and Enhancing Crop Yield (ISPB-2011)

International Symposium on Plant Biotechnology towards Tolerance to Stresses and Enhancing Crop Yield
(ISPB-2011), September 28 - October 1, 2011 Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India

An International Symposium on Plant Biotechnology towards Tolerance to Stresses and Enhancing Crop Yield will be organized at Birla Institute of
Technology, Mesra, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India on September 28 to October 1, 2011.

Various thrust areas to be covered during this symposium include:

o Abiotic stress response and its diversity
o Biotic stress response and its diversity
o Functional genomics
o Crop improvement and breeding
o Bioinformatics
o Proteomics
o Metabolomics
o Systems biology
o Policy issues

The proposed symposium will combine Plenary/Key-note lectures, panel discussions, lectures and poster sessions. The symposium is follows a sightseeing

Approximately 300 International and National participants including 40-45 speakers are expected to attend the same. Call for abstracts in the required format will be announced shortly.

For more information about the symposium and various sponsorships available you may please contact:

Dr. D. M. Pandey, Reader
Organizing Secretary, ISPB-2011
Department of Biotechnology, Birla Institute of Technology
Mesra, Ranchi-835 215, India
Tel: +91-651-2276223, 2276590
E-mail: ispb2011@bitmesra.ac.in and dmpandey@bitmesra.ac.in

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International Conference on Devices & Communications ICDeCom-2011

International Conference on Devices & Communications Feb.24-25,2011, ICDeCom-2011, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra India

The ICDeCom-2011 aims to provide an interactive forum to discuss research and development related to the current and the next generation devices and communication systems. It will bring together people from academia, industry and individuals from communication & networking technologies, applications and management. The conference will feature high-class plenary, keynote, and distinguished speakers as well as tutorials, technical presentations, panel discussions and exhibition opportunities.

The ICDeCom-2011 will revolve around the main theme: "Research Directions in Wireless and Mobile Communications". The planned highlights of ICDeCom-2011 will include:

* Key Note Speech / Memorial Lecture in Honor of Sir J.C. Bose
* Invited Speeches and Presentations by renowned Professionals
* Presentations of accepted research papers
* Panel discussions on the current technological trends
* Poster Presentations within the topics related to the conference
* Tutorials on current technical issues on 23 Feb, 2011

Call for Papers:

The authors are invited to submit full papers describing original, previously unpublished, complete research, not currently under review by another conference or journal, addressing state-of-the-art research and development in the below mentioned areas, to the International Conference on Devices and Communications (ICDeCom-2011), to be held on Feb 24-25, 2011 at Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi, India.

All the papers will be peer reviewed and the accepted papers will appear in IEEE explore and also will be published in the ICDeCom-2011 Proceedings. Selected papers will be pubished in Springer Journal on Wireless Personal Communications, Journal on Green Engineering or in an Special Issue on Devices and Communication in the Journal of Advances in Engineering Science.

Submission Process :

Papers must be submitted electronically at conference email address icdecom@bitmesra.ac.in in the IEEE conference styles. All submissions should be written in English with a maximum paper length of five (5) printed pages (two-column format, 10-point font) including figures. Only A4 size formats are accepted. Templates in WORD and Latex formats can be downloaded from this link:
The prospective authors are encouraged to submit 5 page full paper (a 2 page extended abstract including results may also be accepted for review). All accepted papers will be granted either an Oral presentation or a Poster presentation. There will also be a Poster session on each day of the conference.

Areas of Interest:

The main areas for submission of the papers will be (but not limited to) the following:

* Antenna and Wave Propagation Issues for Wireless Communications
* Number Theory Applied to Wireless Communications
* Optical Wireless Communications
* VLSI design for Wireless Communications
* Speech, image, data processing and recognition
* Mobile Satellite Positioning Systems
* Mobile and Wireless Network Security and Privacy
* Wireless Ad-hoc, Sensor and Mesh Networking
* Wireless Intelligent Networks
* MIMO Systems and Space-Time Processing
* Cognitive Radio and Advanced Spectrum Management
* Self-Organizing Networks and Advances in Network Theory
* Radio resource management and dynamic spectrum access networks
* Mobile/Wireless Networks Modeling and Simulation
* QoS provisioning and MAC protocol and Cross Layer Design
* Broadband Wireless Access / OFDM Systems
* Next generation Wireless Communication Systems
* Green Communications

Authors Guidelines:

Authors should prepare a PDF file following the IEEE single-space, two-column format using 10 point size type. Please use only standard fonts such as Times New Roman and Ariel. The IEEE LaTeX and Microsoft Word templates and the related information can be found at:
http://www.ieee.org/web/publications/pubservices/confpub/AuthorTools/conferenceTemplates.html. Papers should be submitted to icdecom@bitmesra.ac.in. The submitted papers should not exceed 5 pages, including an abstract (less than 200 words). Authors of accepted papers will be asked to submit a final copy of the paper following the IEEE PDF Requirements for Creating PDF Document for IEEE Xplore®. Directions and templates are available at http://www.ieee.org/portal/pages/pubs/confpubcenter/index.html#a1. All manuscripts should be submitted in PDF. Manuscripts should not exceed 5 pages in size including all text, figures, tables, and references. Papers larger than 5 pages will be administratively rejected. Poster also should be submitted on icdecom@bitmesra.ac.in. The following information is necessary when submitting a poster (1) the title of the poster, (2) the names and affiliations of the authors; and (3) an abstract. All the accepted authors will also need to complete and send a copyright Form at icdecom@bitmesra.ac.in. The format of the copyright Form is available at http://www.ieee.org/web/publications/rights/copyrightmain.html. At least one listed author on the final paper must register for and attend ICDeCom-2011 to present the paper and have it published in the Conference Proceedings and IEEE Xplore. ICDeCom-2011 reserves the right to exclude a paper from publication (e.g., removal from conference proceedings and IEEE Xplore) if the paper is not presented at the conference.

Review Process:

All submissions will undergo a reviewing process by the Technical Program Committee. Criteria for paper evaluation include relevance for the conference, importance of the topic, soundness/quality of analysis and evidence, organization, contribution to theory and practice, overall quality of the paper.


The ICDeCom-2011 will host several one-day / half-day tutorials on 23 Feb, 2011. TThe Tutorials will provide an opportunity for an in depth discussion and interactive participation to the audience interested in industrial and academic experience, knowledge and applications in a given area. The Tutorial attendees are expected to participate actively in each session. The interested persons should register to attend the tutorials of their choice.

Call for Tutorial Proposals:

The Organizing Committee further invites submission of tutorial proposals for half / full day presentations from the leading persons within the fields of interest of the conferenece. Tutorial proposals should include the following information:

* The tutorial’s title
* Instructor’s name, affiliation, and contact information (address, e-mail, telephone)
* Instructor’s biographical sketch
* Abstract: A concise description of the tutorial’s content and goals (250 words or less)
* Scope: indication whether the tutorial is meant for a survey of several topics or an in-depth study of one
* topic?
* Motivation and Objectives: What will the participants learn?
* Prior history: if the instructor has given a similar tutorial previously, explain when, where etc.
* Intended audience
* Estimated length (one-day or half-day) of the tutorial
* Outline: The topics of the tutorial including rough time allocations

Submission may be made by e-mail (PDF or DOC) with “ICDeCom-2011 Tutorial Proposal” with the subject header to the conference email address (icdecom@bitmesra.ac.in). The proposals will be accepted according to their topic, quality, and potential impact.


The Registration deadline for the conference and the tutorials is January 15, 2011. All the payment should be made trhough a crossed Demand Draft drawn in favor of Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra and payable at Ranchi. The foreign nationals can make the electronic transfer of money in the name of Birla institute of Technology, A/C number: EFC/CD01/Indian Overseas Bank, Main Road, Ranchi. SWIFT Code: IOBAINBB001.

Registration Fees for the Conference:

Category of Participants Registration Fees

IEEE Members Non IEEE Members
Students & Research Scholars 1500.00 2000.00
Delegates from Academic Institutions 3500.00 4000.00
Delegates from Industries 5500.00 6000.00
Foreign Delegates $ 150 (USD) $ 200 (USD)

Note: For registration after the due date an extra amount of Rs. 1000.00 / $ 50 will be charged.

Registration Fees for the Tutorials:

Category of Participants Registration Fees
Before Date After Date

Students & Research Scholars 500.00 1000.00
Delegates from Academic Institutions 1000.00 2000.00
Delegates from Industries 2500.00 3500.00
Foreign Delegates $ 100 (USD) $ 150 (USD)

Important Dates:

Initial Paper Submission: 15 October, 2010
Acceptance Notification: 15 December, 2010
Final Camera Ready Submission: 15 January, 2011
Registration Deadline: 15 January, 2011
Tutorial Proposal Submission: 15 September, 2010
Tutorial Acceptance Notification: 15 October, 2010


A limited accommodation is available in the Institute campus. Hotels are also available in the town for all possible price ranges. Hotel accomodation will be booked only on prior information. The following are the types and approximate price ranges for the hotel accomodation.

Type of Accommodation Approximate Charges (INR)

Single Accommodation 750, 1100, 2000, 2500
Twin Sharing Basis 450, 550, 1000, 1250
Double Accommodation 900, 1100, 2000, 2500

Travel and Visa:

If you need a visa to enter India please apply for one as early as possible. Citizens of other countries should contact the nearest Indian Embassy for visa application. The organizing committee is willing to send invitation letters to help eligible guests in applying for a visitor visa. The Information for VISa can be found on


Previous Conferences / Workshops:

Previously the department has successfully organized National Seminars on Devices, Circuits and Communications (NASDEC2) in the year 2006 and 2008. The seminars were organized at national level and were focused in the areas of Electronic Devices, Circuits and Communication Systems. The seminars were very successful in attracting a large number of participants and creating an interactive platform for discussions. The department has also organized two International Workshops in the areas of Wireless Communications in the years 2003 and 2004. The workshops were named as International Workshop on Wireless Communications Technologies (IWWCT-2003 and IWWCT-2004). A large number of foreign nationals, Indian universities, government organizations and companies participated in the workshops. The workshops resulted in the establishment of International Centre for Wireless and Mobile Communications (ICWMC) at the department of Electronics and Communications Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi and one International Research Centre on 4th Generation (IRC-4G) at the Birla Institute of Technology, extension centre Noida. The department has also organized a National Conference on Recent Advances in Wireless and Mobile Communications (RAWMTEL-2008) in close associations with Institution of Engineers (India), Jharkhand State Centre, Ranchi in the year 2008. The International Conference on Devices and Communications (ICDeCom-2010) is conceptually an extension of its previous traditions.


The ICDeCom 2010 will be held at Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi, India. Kindly see below to have a brief introduction about the location of the conference.

Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi, India:

The Birla Institute of Technology (BIT), Mesra is located at 16 kms from Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand state. This is one of the most premier Engineering Institutions in India. It was established in 1955 by a visionary-industrialist, Mr. BM Birla. BIT, Mesra is a "Deemed University" under Sec. 3 of the U.G.C. Act 1956. The Board of Governors is responsible for the main functions and overall supervision of activities. The Board of Governors comprises representatives of the Ministry of Education, Government of India, the U.G.C., the State Government, the Chancellor, the AICTE, the Hindustan Charity Trust and the Institute Faculty. It has a Technical Council that decides the academic policy of the Institute. BIT, Mesra has been accredited by the National Assessment & Accreditation Council (NAAC) & the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) established by the UGC & AICTE respectively.

The Main Campus is spread over 780 acres of land in Mesra, Ranchi. Apart from the main campus it has seven extension centers in India and three centers abroad. It has more than 10,000 registered students. Along with the undergraduate and postgraduate programs, the Institute has large number of doctoral students. The Institute enjoys an extremely good reputation in academia and corporate circles, and is a preferred source of technical work force for many industries in India and abroad. BIT, Mesra is conceived to be a world-class learning Institution for Engineering and Technology. The Institution has tie-ups and collaborative arrangements with a large number of USA, Canada, UK and many other European Universities.
The Campus life in BIT, Mesra ensures discipline, fun and excitement in an open and transparent atmosphere, making this Institute a great place to live and learn. BIT, Mesra is the first Institution to have established a department of Space Engineering & Rocketry. It is first to introduce the concept of small industries entrepreneurs' park and facilitate the initial project funding. It is also first to provide 'nursery sheds' and central designing & workshop facilities and establish overseas extension centers. BIT, Mesra is one of the few universities to have a Super Computer as a part of its IT infrastructure.

Ranchi, India:

Ranchi is the capital of the Jharkhand state and is an important city in India. It is spread over an area of 7574 square kms and situated on a plateau at about 600 meters above mean sea level. It has about 1.5 million population, with full of diversity of languages and cultures. Ranchi is surrounded by hills, waterfalls, forests, and the other places of scenic beauty. About 20% of land is covered with forests and is the richest capital of India in terms of mines. Ranchi is well known for its educational and health facilities and is endowed with plenty of resources and ample opportunities for industrial development. Ranchi has a pleasant climate throughput the year. During December the temperature will be moderately low, requiring light warm clothing. It has many shopping complexes to attract and please the shopping enthusiasts. It is well connected by road, rail and air routes with all the major cities of India. The nearest airport and the railway station are in Ranchi. It has regular flight connectivity with New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Raipur and Patna.

Contact Us:

The ICDeCom-2011 committee welcomes individuals and organizations wishing to participate in this International Conference. If you desire any additional information about participation in ICDeCom-2011, please contact on the following address.

Contact: icdecom@bitmesra.ac.in
URL: http://www.icdecom.bitmesra.ac.in

Also in case of any query regarding ICDeCom-2011:
Dr. Sanjay Kumar
Convenor, ICDECom-2011
Associate Professor, Department of ECE
Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Ranchi-835215 INDIA
Email : skumar@bitmesra.ac.in
Mobile : 0091 94313 86274
Office : 0091 651 2275 750
Fax : 0091 651 2275 401

Dr. Mahesh Chandra
Organizing Secretary, ICDeCom 2011
Reader, Department of ECE
Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
Ranchi-835215 INDIA
Email : shrotriya@bitmesra.ac.in
Mobile : 0091 94307 31599
Office : 0091 651 2275 750
Fax : 0091 651 2275 401

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