Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mobile Number Portability: Riding the Wave

Mobile Number Portability: Riding the Wave

Abstract After a prolonged deliberation, the Mobile Number Portability has been tabled on the Indian Telecom space and it is set to liberalize the final frontiers of competition in the Telephony space. Subscribers have been unwillingly tied on to service providers irrespective of deteriorating service standards, thanks to locked in number series per provider. Now MNP is going to change that all for good.

This paper explains the underlying MNP technology and its impact to the telephony ecosystem. The paper also deals with how Tech Mahindra, a R&D and engineering services powerhouse, can shape this evolution.


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  1. Mobile subscribers can access to the Mobile Number portability service. After a long while and many postponement, the MNP is finally here for good. Mobile number portability (MNP) requires that mobile telephone customers can keep their telephone number–including the prefix–when switching from one provider of mobile Tele communications services to another